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Alexandra Femminilita Gloves


is new normal


Welcome to the era of Norma – where opera gloves like hot AF models Norma, Aida, Serene and Valkyrie become the essence of the new “normal.” In this evolving fashion landscape, opera gloves are making a bold comeback, redefining the normal and becoming a symbol of empowerment and grace. The once exclusive and rare accessory is now accessible to all, transcending barriers and celebrating the beauty.

Leather Gloves

Alexandra calls it a very basic yet the most sophisticated part of our wardrobe. As she confessed, if she was given a choice of only one piece of clothes to own and wear, that piece of wardrobe would be gloves.

Leather Hats

Though elegant leather gloves is a true Alexandra’s passion for many years, hats and caps are important as much. Stay tuned for the oncoming exciting collection of leather berets from Alexandra Femminilita.

Body Harnesses

From elegance of 20th century to feminine brutality of 21st one. This is a distance that women’s fashion covered in 50 years and Alexandra is planning to reflect it in the oncoming collection of body harnesses. 


Driving Gloves

Men’s Gloves


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Model: Confidence

Our 2021 collection starts with this amazing thoughtfully-sourced luxurious yet affordable elegant model. Renown Ethiopian sheep leather is perfect for such driving gloves and allows these beautiful gloves to be a great addition to any sophisticated wardrobe.  Available in Strict Black, Daring Red, Attitude Brown and Fine Cognac colors.  


Model: Drive

DRIVE definition: an innate, biologically determined urge to attain a goal or satisfy a need. This model ALEXANDRA FEMMINILITA DRIVE will significantly increase your ability to make things happen. These gloves are made of high-quality Ethiopian genuine lamb leather. Thoroughly thought design, unlined, in four colors. Great investment that will last for years until it becomes vintage that lasts for years more.


Model: Happiness

Pure joy it is. This model is designed as  driving gloves though can be very suitable for a business lady attire at the busy downtown location or for a lighthearted LBD at the popular local nightclub with a matching clutch and high heels. This model is for happy daring women who are young at heart. Enjoy who you truly are and others will agree in awe.


Model: Prosperity

Stay relaxed when the weather is getting a bit colder. This model has everything to keep you elegant and assured and warm on a mild cold day. In addition to attractive Ethiopian sheep leather, you will enjoy the softest lining with 70% of real sheep wool. Amazing choice for your cold climate without compromising your classy and stylish outfit.


Shop the Desire Collection

Whether attending a glamorous soirée, a formal event, or simply seeking to add a touch of sophistication to your everyday outfit, Alexandra Femminilita Desire leather gloves are the perfect accessory to set you apart. They exude a timeless charm that effortlessly complements any ensemble, leaving an everlasting impression wherever you go.


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